Making Math More Fun

making math more fun printable ebook set for kids parents teachers elementary school

I am an affiliate of this resource, so this post is a bit different than the others — but when you see what they have to offer, perhaps you’ll understand why I just couldn’t resist spreading the word… (This looks so FUN!) ūüėÄ   Click to view larger:       Making Math More Fun… Free Spanish Lessons and more - free spanish language learning website with many activities and a chance to earn points and awards

  If you are either a Spanish learner or a Spanish teacher, you should know about this website!¬† is totally free — all you have to do is sign up with your email address, click the link in the email they send, and create a username and password for yourself.¬† Once you have that…

Animal Diversity Web

Animal Diversity Web:

If you haven’t already explored this website, you’ve been missing out!¬† Animal Diversity Web is an online “encyclopedia for exploring biodiversity” created and maintained by the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. The main feature of this expansive site is articles on animal species, most with pictures, some with sounds, and ALL with detailed classification…

Wild Cat War: comparing decimals

printable wild cat war comparing decimals math card game fun stuff for families with kids

  This game introduces you to 8 different wild cat species while having some fun getting familiar with decimals.   Played like traditional War, simply lay out your top card and get ready to go head-to-head with your opponents.   Who will win between a Pallas’ cat and a jungle cat? How about between a… Website

50 states .com website pick a state usa social studies information

The website has just about everything you might need to study and compare individual states in the USA: General State Facts (pick a state) State Trees info (pick a state) State Birds info (pick a state) State Flower info (pick a state) State Flag info (pick a state) State Songs (pick a state) Newspapers…

Digital Dialects: French animals

Digital Dialects French animals listen and learn

  Digital Dialects has a¬†French animals page complete with the names of 33 animals in English and in French,¬†along with¬†audio in French¬†so that you can hear the French animal vocabulary pronounced. Click a link on the bottom of the screen to launch a matching game for French animals vocabulary.¬† There are two versions:¬† SEE the…

Spelling Match online games

Spelling Match online game: fourth grade

  The Spelling Match online games by Houghton Mifflin are arranged by grade (1st through 8th)¬†and further divided into lesson-levels (usually about 6 per grade).¬† While these free online interactive games are designed to accompany the Houghton Mifflin series of spelling books, they could be added to a homeschool program or used as at-home practice…

Spanish Digital Dialects games

Digital Dialects Spanish online free games for vocabulary, grammar, colors, numbers, phrases, and more

¬† For some simple online beginning Spanish practice, try these games on¬† Spanish vocabulary¬†topics include: Animals Animals 2 Clothing Colors Food Fruits & vegetables Days & months Units of time Vocabulary Most¬†topics give you a list of vocabulary to study, then let you play an online game matching¬†each picture with¬†its Spanish vocabulary term either…

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