Fran’s Freebies: Addition and Subtraction to 10 worksheets

  This simple little set can supplement your early math curriculum, providing a little variety in style and graphics. The Fran’s Freebies Addition and Subtraction to 10 worksheet packet includes: Counting on Animals — simple addition with groups of animals Addition Read more › Website is the home of “Dynamically Created Math Worksheets“. This website makes it easy and economical to produce your own customized worksheets on just about every math topic including: Place Value & Estimation Greater/ Less Than Time, Money, & Measurement Read more ›

Fran’s Freebies: Spanish ser, estar, & adjectives worksheets

  This printable, full-color Spanish worksheet packet covers the verbs ser and estar (both meaning “to be”), plus over 100 adjectives in Spanish! Printable free Spanish worksheets in this packet include: introduction to estar w/conjugation practice practice with personal pronouns Read more ›

Great Schools website

Great Schools has a mission “to inspire and support families to champion their children’s education — at school, at home and in their community.” This informative website rates schools according to results (for each grade and student category) of their Read more ›

Fran’s Freebies: Invertebrates Cursive

  This simple set of 10 cursive handwriting worksheets covers these different types of animals without backbones (invertebrates): sponges cnidarians flatworms roundworms segmented worms mollusks arthropods crustaceans (type of arthropod) arachnids (type of arthropod) echinoderms   How many of these Read more ›