Online Roman Numeral Games

free online roman numerals practice games math elementary first grade second third

  Most kids seem to enjoy roman numerals, but often have difficulty remembering how to create and read them.  The following free online games can help:   Roman sequence game – put three roman numerals (I to X) in order, least to greatest Roman matching game – drag the roman numeral onto each number (1…

Sight Words FREEBIES!

sight words reading websites free printables flashcards games preschool kindergarten fun

  If you have an early reader in preschool through third grade, you’ve got to check out! This helpful site features: FREE printable sight words flashcards in 3 sizes: full page, half page, and quarter page. FREE printable sight words games, along with ideas for games using the flashcards above Sight words teaching strategies…

Odd and Even Worksheets

first second grade math worksheets printable odd and even fun stuff for kids

This set of 14 worksheets is packed with fun! If your child or students need a little extra practice to master odd and even, this worksheet packet is sure to do the trick. Each page is unique, with a fun theme and a wide variety of activities. Pages in this printable packet: — Even the…

Swatting Wasps phonics game

printable phonics reading game wasps insects animals fun stuff unique

  This unique game includes 60 hexagon-shaped wasp cards that provide a fun new way to practice the special wa- sound (wasp, water, swan, etc). Each player gets a wasp nest playing board with 8 blank hexagon spaces waiting to be filled. On each turn, players choose a card and follow the instructions, from reading…

Spanish Family Matters printable activity set

Spanish Family Matter printable activity set for learning and teaching Spanish family relationships vocabulary

   This printable activity set will provide hours worth of learning, review, and practice for Spanish family relationships vocabulary. Included in this printable Spanish family relationships vocabulary activity set are: a full-page poster (a fictional family tree showing relationships between members) 18 people cards with the name and face of each person on the family…

Homeschool World

learning styles infographic on homeschool world website

Homeschool World is the official website of Practical Homeschooling Magazine. As such, it is packed with interesting and helpful articles for both new and experienced homeschool families. Here you can find guidance on everything from the first steps of homeschooling and reasons for homeschooling, to news on homeschooling in other countries and even interviews with…

Mouse in the House phonics game

printable phonics reading game sounds of ou and ow mouse in the house

  Practice reading -ou- and -ow- words with this unique mini game! Includes 10 playing boards, 45 reading cards, and 48 markers. Give each player a vertical playing board (one house) and a pile of markers (mice). On each turn, players draw a reading card and read out loud the 4 words on the card,…

Spanish Verbs Worksheets 1

printable spanish language learning worksheets verbs conjugated puzzle handout printables

  This 30-page packet covers -ar, -er, and -ir regular verbs (as opposed to stem changers and other irregular conjugations). Included are: — intro to -ar verbs — 7 -ar verbs worksheets & answer keys, including a search-a-word puzzle — intro to -er & -ir verbs — longer list of regular verbs, all 3 types… Website

home page at lots of fun worksheets activities online quizzes

  What a treasure trove for parents and teachers! The website is packed with information, online quizzes, and printable worksheets in most subject areas. There is also several holidays and other themes to be explored. Here are some examples of online quizzes, and a printable “learning to add” worksheet for kindergarteners.   I recommend…

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