Color Birds activity set

color birds printable colors activity set for preschool fun

  Ten different colored mother birds wait at their nest boxes. Add a nest with the same color eggs. Then add a father bird of the same color. Finally, find the color word that is written in that color text and the black-text word that matches it.   Spell the color word out loud and point to…

Roman War card game

Roman War printable math card game for practice reading roman numerals for the whole family

  This colorful printable card game is fun for the whole family to practice reading Roman numerals. The set contains 80 cards, each with a fun Roman character and a Roman numeral from III (3) to MMMV (3005). Simply print the cards, cut them apart, shuffle and distribute evenly between all players — then play…

Hatchin’ Alphabet preschool activity set

printable alphabet activity easter chicks eggs hatching alphabet letters fun stuff for preschool

  1) Lay out several chicks with upper- and lower-case letters on each.   2) Lay out the pieces of the corresponding eggs, each piece with either the upper- or the lower-case letter.   3) Find the two pieces of each egg to make it “hatch” into the corresponding baby chick with both letters on…

Phonics Lotto: Long Vowels

phonics lotto long vowels printable game first grade flashcards reading

  This printable game packet contains everything you need to print and play the game immediately: 8 different playing boards, each with 9 spaces (pictures) to cover to win 40 long vowel word cards, with mini versions of the pictures a 2-page long vowel word checklist   Use the entire packet to play the lotto-style…

Hoppers suffixes game

Hoppers printable activity game set for kids learning to double the consonant before adding a suffix like -ed, -er, and -ing

  This unique colorful activity set is all you need to help your students master the basic skill of doubling consonants before adding suffixes that begin with a vowel. After spending some time with this fun activity, it will be hard for them to forget this important spelling rule! Simply point out that grasshoppers need…

Shapes & Colors Worksheets fun pack

printable shapes colors worksheets preschool kindergarten fun

  This 35-page worksheet packet is full of fun and engaging graphics and activities to hold the attention of young learners!   This fun pack includes: — 2 pages of color the shapes like the ones shown (i.e., color all the circles red and the squares blue) — 11 pages devoted to a particular shape…

Xpeditions Outline Maps

free customizable printable outline maps from National Geographic online

  If you ever find yourself needing a nice map printout, I highly recommend visiting National Geographic’s Xpeditions MapMaker Page Maps!   On this site, you can choose a map of the world, a world region, one country – or even select parts of certain countries. Simply make your selection in the “Region” and “Country”…

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