1800+ Spanish Vocabulary Cards


Over 1800 single-sided vocabulary cards with:
— Spanish nouns such as la luz, el rey, la calle, los muebles, and el fin
— Spanish verbs such as subir, jugar, pedir, acertar, deber, and soler
— Spanish adverbs and prepositions such as durante, en voz alta, arriba, and suavemente
— Spanish adjectives such as rubio, amable, viejo, agrio, mezquino, and sabio
— miscellaneous Spanish words such as days, months, pronouns, and demonstrative adjectives

Each part of speech above is a different color, to make creating sentences or practicing specific sets easier and more fun! —

** Full translation charts included! **

**Ideas for use: 
— As flashcards  
— In “Words of the Day” displays  
— Use cards from each set to make complete Spanish sentences
— Use select cards to practice grammar concepts such as placing adjectives after nouns, conjugating verbs according to various subjects, and filling out sentences with direct and indirect objects or prepositional phrases 
** This ready-to-print PDF file is 114 pages long! **

You can see more pictures and/or purchase the printable 114-page PDF at Teachers Pay Teachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.

This product is also available in black and white pre-printed book format (with cut-out cards) on Amazon.com.


Find this and other Spanish resources also at PrintableSpanish.com


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