ABC Me printable activity set containing alphabetizing cards for kids - put 5 to 10 words in alphabetical order

ABC Me! alphabetizing cards


This printable full-color set consists of 48 cards, each with a list of related words to provide a fun way to practice alphabetical order.  Since the cards are in 3 levels of difficulty, they grow with your child and provide years of practice — GREAT for home school families and other mixed-grade groups!

Each of these 12 pages features:

— 1 card with 5 theme words, all with a different beginning letter

— 2 cards with 7 theme words, some with the same beginning letter

— 1 card with 10 theme words, some with the same two initial letters

Combine cards to make lists of more than a dozen words and create more of a challenge!


Themes in this set (types of words on the cards):

— dog names      — cat names      — fruits      — veggies

— cities      — trees      — fish      — plants

— sounds (whistle, grunt)      — colors (cyan, crimson)

— jobs (singer, teacher)      — verbs (wander, decide)

This set also includes a cover sheet with ideas for printing and use.


This H.E.R. Product is not yet available in pre-printed format.

However, you can view more pictures and/or securely purchase the printable PDF for UNDER $2 on Teachers Pay Teachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.


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