ABCya! online game patterning

ABCya! online patterning games

ABCya! has a great selection of online games for preschool through 5th grade. I’d like to introduce you to 3 different patterning games, suitable for the whole range of these grades, believe it or not! The more advanced levels of each game — especially the last 2 — will present enough of a challenge that even upper elementary students will have to think about what comes next, or what’s missing. What a fun way to get the whole family involved! 😀

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Game 1: Fuzz Bugs

This game has 10 rounds to complete, increasing in difficulty. Use the mouse to grab and drag a little fuzz bug and drop it onto one of the grey question mark circles. If you get the pattern wrong, it allows you to continue until finished, then it asks you to try again. After the first few rounds, the question mark circles show up in the middle of the line, having you fill in missing colors rather than just continuing the pattern.

ABCya! online game patterning   ABCyaPatt1b   ABCyaPatt1c


Game 2: Moon Rock Patterns

Grab and drag one of the 14 different color “moon rocks” onto each missing color space. For children who are color blind, this may prove to be nearly impossible, as some of the colors are very similar. However, this may be the most fun challenge for many children, especially in the advanced levels of this game.

ABCya! online game patterning   ABCyaPatt2b   ABCyaPatt2c


Game 3: Shape Patterns

This game is a little bit different in that the actual pattern is not given, per se. You must think about what is given, what’s missing — and come up with a logical way to complete the pattern “road” or “bridge” for the truck to travel across. This game has 10 levels and two play options: Practice or Race.

ABCya! online game patterning   ABCyaPatt3b   ABCyaPatt3c


If you have played (or had your students play) these online patterning games by ABCya!, please leave a little feedback for others to read, below. Thanks! 🙂




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