Fran’s Freebies: Add Ed suffix games


The Fran’s Freebies Add Ed printable activity set contains everything you need to teach mastery of adding -ed to words to form the simple past tense.

  • 12 spelling change/ pronounciation change Add Ed cards
  • 72 word cards in 3 sets (3 types of emphasis or levels of difficulty)
  • 3 BONUS handouts — write the words made, sort by spelling change, sort by sound

This set teaches and practices:

  • 3 spelling changes:   y to i, silent e, and double consonants (carried, hoped, hopped)
  • 3 sounds of “-ed”:  -ed, -d and -t (wanted, stayed, barked)


This set also includes a cover sheet with mutliple ideas for printing and use.


If you have downloaded and used the Fran’s Freebies Add Ed suffix activities and games packet, please leave a little feedback below – thanks!


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