Fran’s Freebies: Alphabet Sounds Reading Cards


Alphabet Sounds Reading Cards features:

  • 26 double-sided cards, one for each letter of the alphabet
  • 12 single-sided (or print back-to-back, if you prefer) bonus cards

Letter cards feature the letter and a picture of an item that starts with that letter on the front, and a short list of 3 to 5 (usually 5) sounds, combining that letter with other letters — vowel cards follow a pattern similar to “in, ip, id, im, it” and consonant cards follow a pattern similar to “mo, me, mi, mu, ma”.

Bonus cards feature vowel-consonant combinantions, following a pattern similar to “pa, fa, wa, ta, ma”.

All cards have a tab on the top with a circle for punching holes and storing on a metal ring, or for threading yarn through the hole and hanging on an item such as a toy duck for the “d” card, etc.  These tabs may be left on or cut off to leave a deck of rectangular cards.


If you have downloaded and used the Fran’s Freebies printable Alphabet Sounds Reading Cards, please leave a little feedback below – thanks!




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I've been making little worksheets and games since I was about 5 years old and have published thousands of pages of printables since 2004. I'm still creating away... visit my Gravatar page to see my other online projects and to find my contact information.
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