Amazing Space:

Amazing Space: online and printable space science resources!


The Amazing Space website is a delightful and easy to use resource for both students and educators.   This entire astronomy website is well organized and packed full of informative text, space photos, and animated activities.

From the home page you can access the Hubble Gallery – zooming in or out as you please, or viewing close-ups of specific phenomena.  There is also an astronomy news section with links to discussion questions and explanations of key vocabulary words used in the featured article.  There are also details about the Hubble and servicing missions, a guide to Tonight’s Sky, and a homework helper section.

Don’t miss Amazing Space’s topical section, or their large Online Explorations section which features 11 different subsections, most with interactive elements such as animations, games, and astronomical demonstrations.  Try to hit Jupiter with different types of comets; make different wavelengths of light; count, describe, or identify what you see through the Hubble telescope; or explore a whole online unit on the history of telescopes!

For educators, this site offers a variety of printable PDFs, from information on individual galaxies, to charts comparing different types of galaxies – in two versions: one for the teacher and a blank one for the students!  Many of the printables are neatly arranged by topic in the Teaching Tools – pictures & facts section – click one of the links and there is an overview of the topic as well as the materials – with ideas for use in the classroom!  There are about 40 of these mini units, plus over 50 “Fast Facts” lower down on the page.


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