Fran’s Freebies: Apples and Bananas odd & even counting


Apples are single, and these bananas come in pairs — a fun way to learn the difference between odd and even while practicing counting to 20!

This printable set contains 20 card fronts and 20 card backs — to be printed back-to-back for 20 double-sided flashcards, or printed separately for a 40 card deck to mix and match.

Lay out all apples or all bananas, using double-sided cards. Put them in sequential order from least to greatest, then flip the cards and read the numbers, counting in all odds (apples) or all evens (bananas).

Hold up one number at a time and ask if it is odd or even. Flip to show apples or bananas to check the answer. Children quickly learn to associate the paired bananas as even, the single apple as odd.

When printed separately, the cards can also be used as a simple matching game — picture to number.

Pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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