Fran’s Freebies: Earth’s Atmosphere Worksheets


This 14-page free printable packet can be used as a complete topical unit study on the Earth’s atmosphere.  Not only does it include worksheets for review and practice, but also a thorough introduction to the layers of the atmosphere and the composition of air, along with instructions for students to create a hands-on 2D diagram – in two different styles!

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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Included in this printable Earth’s atmosphere worksheet packet are:

  • full page diagram of the Earth’s atmopheric layers in black and white
  • black and white text page explaining each layer of the atmosphere – including the ionosphere and the ozone layer
  • black and white page with a pie chart, explaining air composition
  • black and white blank atmospheric layers diagram for labeling
  • Atmosphere Basics – review questions worksheet and answer key
  • Layers and Gases of the Atmosphere – matching and search-a-word puzzle worksheet and answer key
  • The Puzzling Atmosphere – crossword puzzle and answer key
  • 4-page hands-on activity: Layers of the Atmosphere Diagram
    • full page of instructions for both diagram styles
    • blank page for diagram style #1
    • items to cut and glue to make diagram style #1 – and as extras for style #2
    • base diagram for labeling and embellishment (style #2)

Style #2 diagram only requires writing and coloring with a blue and a red pencil.

Style #1 diagram also requires a glue stick or other adhesive, plus colored paper or construction paper in 5 different colors.


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