Fran’s Freebies: Beginning Cursive Worksheets 1: ABeka font

This set of 36 printable cursive handwriting worksheets introduces and practices all lower case letters of the alphabet.  One or two new cursive letters are introduced at a time, first with arrows showing direction of writing, then with outlines to trace, then with spaces to write your own.  Pages of review are interspersed with pages introducing new letters.  Letters are introduced in a general order of increasing difficulty starting with e, i, u, and l; progressing through the alphabet to culminate in the most difficult letters: f, p, z, and k.  Each page has a fun full-color graphic, but the pages may be printed in black-and-white if preferred.

No capital letters are used in this set, and all letters are in the ABeka font – excellent for homeschool families!


If you have downloaded and used this or related sets – or if you would like to request it in a different font – please leave feedback below – Thanks!



Find this and other free cursive packets at USA, LLC




About Fran Lafferty

I've been making little worksheets and games since I was about 5 years old and have published thousands of pages of printables since 2004. I'm still creating away... visit my Gravatar page to see my other online projects and to find my contact information.
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13 Responses to Fran’s Freebies: Beginning Cursive Worksheets 1: ABeka font

  1. Vanette says:

    Dear Fran, Thanks so much for your time and effort, this site is a wish answered.

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  3. Bonnie Edge says:

    Where did you get the Abeka font? I would love to make my own pages, but don’t know where to get it. Thanks! Bonnie

  4. Deborah Benson says:

    I was trying to find the one on the Taj Mahal. Is it still available?

    • Hi there! The cursive worksheet on the Taj Mahal is part of a 12-page World Landmarks set that hasn’t yet been released on the new site. However, I will try to get it up here and on within the next couple weeks for sure. If you check back on, you’ll see it quicker — and if you subscribe to that site you’ll get notice of it immediately after I post it. Enjoy! 😀

  5. Keelee says:

    I have enjoyed using your cursive sheets for the past year. Recently I printed Advanced or Intermediate quote sets. Are these still available? They used to be in the members section.

    Thank you!

    • Yes! But not yet… 🙁
      I am slowly making my way through all of my ABeka font cursive handwriting worksheets, converting them into D’Nealian and Zaner-Bloser as well, so more people can find them helpful. 😀
      This takes a bit of time… It may be into December before I get to the intermediate and advanced sets… Beginning cursive (3 sets in each of the 3 fonts) will be done early November, then I’ll start releasing the “Easy Cursive” sets – what I call “Second Year Cursive”…

  6. chris says:

    Thank you! I am looking forward to coming back for more cursive for my daughter!!!! 🙂

    • And thank you for your visit and your comment!
      I will be releasing new free cursive handwriting worksheet packets at about 2 per week for the coming months… I am slowly converting all my ABeka font material into D’Nealian and Zaner-Bloser, so that more people can find them useful. 🙂
      If anyone has another font they use, please let me know – I’ll see what I can do.

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