Fran’s Freebies: Big and Little Cards


Available for FREE on this site only!  This adorable set of 48 Big and Little Cards for preschool and kindergarten is a great free printable activity for practicing the readiness / critical thinking skill of comparing and ordering sizes!

There are 16 three-card sets, each featuring either a dog or a cat portrait in one of 3 sizes: large, medium, small (or big, middle, little – etc).

Lay out all of the cards or just selected sets.  Have children sort the cards into matching sets, then arrange each group by size.  Try sorting all the cards by size — a pile of big ones, a pile of medium ones, and a pile of little ones.

Medium cards can be removed for the youngest children to gain practice with Big and Little first.

Cards can also be used for a variety of critical thinking gameplay:

  • “Can you find a puppy that is bigger than mine?”
  • “Can you find another dog that has spots?”
  • “Where is another orange kitty?”
  • “Please find me one cat with stripes.”
  • “Which of these four cats has the largest ears?”
  • “Can you find three black dogs?”
  • “Where is an orange cat that is smaller than this one?”
  • “Pick out one small cat with whiskers and one small dog with his ears down.”


If you have downloaded and used Fran’s Freebies printable preschool Big and Little Cards, please leave a little feedback below – thanks!


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