Bird Tracks printable phonics r-controlled vowels game for kids

Bird Tracks printable phonics board game


Spelling English words can be so confusing!  For example, since ir, er, and ur all make the same sound, it’s hard to keep track of which one is used in each word.  But when you play this unique printable r-controlled vowels phonics board game, it will definitely help!

Included is a two-piece game board with 2 types of spaces: “regular” white spaces and “backwards” black spaces.  They all have either -ir-, -er-, or -ur- on them.  For regular spaces, draw a card, read the word, and if it is spelled with the same letters as are on your space, keep it.  If not, put the card in a discard pile.  When you land on a backwards space, think up your own word that you believe is spelled with those letters, and if you are correct, you may draw and keep two cards!  The winner is the player with the most cards after ALL players make it all around the board to Finish.  You will need a coin for movement – move forward one space for heads and two spaces for tails.

Also included are 48 word cards and full instructions for printing and play.  You will need a coin (mentioned above) and one small place marker for each player – but a bean, lego, or even a small piece of paper can be used.


This game is not yet available in pre-printed format.

However, you can view more pictures and/or purchase the printable PDF of this game for only about $2 at Teachers Pay Teachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian site Teacher’s Marketplace.


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