Fran’s Freebies: Butterfly Patterns activity set

This free printable preschool or kindergarten patterning activity set is only 6 pages long, but includes:

  • 16 pattern cards (continue the pattern) in these types:
    • ABABAB
    • ABCABC
    • ABCCAB
    • AABAAB
    • ABBABB
  • 24 colorful butterfly cards to continue the patterns or make your own!


Of course, the cards can be used for other activities as well, such as:

  • Visual discrimination — discuss similarities and differences among the butterflies:
    • Which butterfly is a lot like this one?
    • Which two butterflies are the most alike?
    • How are these two butterflies different?
    • Can you find the lightest/darkest/ most colorful butterfly?
  • Matching — make two copies and use them to play memory-style or other matching games


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