cash it in money math game for kindergarten first grade math fun

Cash It In money math game

Travel around the playing board collecting quarters, dimes, and nickels, then trade them in for 3 types of groceries on the corner spaces. “Buy” cereal for 1 dollar, rice for 50 cents, and macaroni for 25 cents. The winner is the player with the most grocery cards (not coins) at the end.

This simple printable game uses realistic-looking paper coins, but real coins can be used instead.

Included in this game packet:
— 2-piece playing board
— one page of grocery cards
— one page of coins
— full instructions for play
— alternative play ideas
— “Game Assembly Tips”

Who will end up as the biggest cereal-eater?
Cash in those coins to find out!

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

cash it in money math game for kindergarten first grade math fun printable usa money grocery cards board game activity set printable realistic looking coins quarters dimes nickels for money math board game cash it in printable game assembly tips

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