Learning Games for Kids


LearningGamesForKids.com is a good place to spend an afternoon or visit during the long summer hours. And if the natives are getting restless, have them practice their school lessons using the games, videos, and animated songs on this site! LGK …

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JustMommies.com is “The friendliest place for moms and moms-to-be!” This site is packed with interesting articles, unit studies, activity ideas, message boards, and tools like a baby name finder and a due date calculator. If you’re a young mother, this …

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The Print Zone


The Print Zone at Primary Games has a variety of free printables for parents and teachers. Some are in PDF format, while others must be printed from your browser. Categories of printables in The Print Zone include: E-Books (nature & …

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Fran’s Freebies: Letter Seekers


  This fun printable set includes 60 large cards that are just right for beginning alphabet explorers. They use only capital letters.   There are 26 letter cards and 34 word cards. Pick a word card and have fun finding …

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Hatchin’ Alphabet preschool activity set


  1) Lay out several chicks with upper- and lower-case letters on each.   2) Lay out the pieces of the corresponding eggs, each piece with either the upper- or the lower-case letter.   3) Find the two pieces of …

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Fran’s Freebies: Swim Team


  This set of 60 cards and 2 alphabet posters can be adapted for a variety of activities to extend its usefulness. 1) Use the vertical “start” cards — each showing 3 upper-case or 3 lower-case letters in sequence — …

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Fran’s Freebies: Critter Babies alphabet activity set


  This cute little set includes: — 2 cards for each letter of the alphabet – one upper case and one lower case — the alphabet broken into 7 letter strips of 4 consecutive letters each — the alphabet in …

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Fran’s Freebies: Webby Words beginning alphabet sounds activity


  This set has at least 2 word cards for each letter of the alphabet — but the first letter is missing! Add a spider to each web (adding a beginning letter to each word) and make as many good …

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Barnyard Fun alphabet activity


  This fun printable set features 8 silly farm animals, each representing 2 different letters of the alphabet.  This makes it easier for the youngest alphabet explorers to match letters, as they can get a little help by matching animals …

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Letter Watches alphabet activity set


  This simple black-and-white printable packet can be used for a fun variety of preschool activities: Make bracelets ahead of time using card stock and laminating sheets.  Give each child a different letter each day, reusing Letter Watches. Print bracelets …

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Fran’s Freebies: Caterpillar Craze alphabet activity


  The Fran’s Freebies alphabet activity game, Caterpillar Craze, makes 52 printable double-sided cards.  The card backs are pairs of matching caterpillars, facing each other.  The card fronts each have either an Adjective that starts with a particular upper-case letter, or the …

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Fran’s Freebies: Alphabet Match


  This Fran’s Freebies printable activity set called Alphabet Match is easy to print and use for preschoolers ages 3 to 5. Included in this printable packet: 3-page playing board with one picture and picture name for each letter of …

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IdeasForPreschoolers.com: Preschool SIZES activity ideas


  The Fishing for Ideas for Preschoolers website has a page full of great ideas for teaching big and little, including: an active song sorting activities playdough activities outdoor activities books on big and little big and little coloring pages …

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Fran’s Freebies: Alphabet Pages


  This colorful packet of Alphabet Pages is available for free on this site only! This is a large file — 3.9 MB due to all the graphics on every page — please be patient with the download. Each alphabet …

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Fran’s Freebies: Alphabet Sounds Reading Cards


  Alphabet Sounds Reading Cards features: 26 double-sided cards, one for each letter of the alphabet 12 single-sided (or print back-to-back, if you prefer) bonus cards Letter cards feature the letter and a picture of an item that starts with …

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Alphabet Fun on Enchanted Learning


  The Enchanted Learning website has an abundance of very simple printable and online materials for young children, including a whole page of activities on the alphabet, letters, and words. From the alphabet, letters, and words page, you can access: activities by …

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