Fran’s Freebies: Caterpillar Craze alphabet activity


The Fran’s Freebies alphabet activity game, Caterpillar Craze, makes 52 printable double-sided cards.  The card backs are pairs of matching caterpillars, facing each other.  The card fronts each have either an Adjective that starts with a particular upper-case letter, or the name of an animal beginning in the lower-case letter.

Together, the card sets make silly little two-word phrases such as:

  • Angry alligators
  • Beautiful bears
  • Creepy caterpillars
  • Happy horses
  • Lazy lions
  • Multiple monkeys
  • Peaceful pandas
  • Riotous raccoons
  • Terrified turtles
  • Wacky walruses

 The cards can be used to match upper-and lower-case letters, put cards in alphabetical order, or simply to identify beginning letters.  Use them as a memory-style matching game, or even pair them up and have kids draw pictures to match the two-word animal phrases. 

The Fran’s Freebies Caterpillar Craze printable activity set is completely free for your own personal home or classroom use.  If you appreciate it, please return the favor by sharing this page with your friends and followers (icon buttons below for Facebook, Twitter, etc) — or leave a little feedback below.  Thanks, and enjoy your alphabet adventures! 


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  1. Fran – you are so creative! What a wonderful collection of resources you have here! The Crazy Caterpillars are a riot – and have so many possibilities! I’ve linked you into my post about letters vs. words through Zemanta. Best wishes to you! : )

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