printable subtraction game eagles usa america flag

Clumsy Eagles: subtraction to 10

Use this unique and colorful activity set to practice subtraction to 10. Includes two complete activities – over 150 cards!

The first activity features 16 large cards with a number of eagles. How many eagles all together? How many have dropped their flag (subtract these)? Write in the missing numbers to complete the subtraction sentence at the bottom of each card — or use the included number cards instead.

The second activity features 20 subtraction sentence strips with only the answers missing. Use the included eagle cards as manipulatives to figure out the problem, and write in the answer or use the number cards to answer each problem.

The set includes the 16 cards from activity one, 20 strips from activity two70 square number cards, and 45 eagle cards(approximately half are “clumsy eagles” who have dropped their flag).

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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