Fran’s Freebies: Los Colores


This updated version of Los Colores — Colors in Spanish features 2 different types of one-page posters (which can also be cut into cards) and a variety of card sets for use in mastering the Spanish colors — Los Colores.

This FREE printable activity set includes:

  • one-page poster with color and Spanish name
  • one-page poster with color, object of that color, and Spanish name
  • one large card for each of the 12 colors featured in this set — with color and Spanish name in fun font
  • one small card for each of the 12 colors, with just the Spanish name
  • one small card for each of the 12 colors, with just the color
  • two small cards for each of the 12 colors, each with an object of that color

Wherever Spanish names are given, two versions are provided:  one with “anaranjado” and one with “naranja” (see the discussion in the replies to the Fran’s Freebies colors in Spanish worksheet packet).

Colors (12) taught in this Fran’s Freebies Spanish colors activity packet:

  • negro
  • blanco
  • gris
  • marrón
  • rojo
  • rosa
  • anaranjado/naranja
  • amarillo
  • verde
  • azul
  • morado
  • azul claro (light blue)


If you have downloaded and used this Fran’s Freebies Los Colores — Colors in Spanish free printable activity set with posters and cards for kids — or would like to request other alternate names (like rosado or café) be added to the set — please leave a little feedback below – thanks!



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6 Responses to Fran’s Freebies: Los Colores

  1. Rebecca Gedney says:

    thank you! I will be using this in my Spanish class!

  2. Joe McCright says:

    I teach rosado and café. Do you have a set using these two words?

    My students will love using these worksheets. They always ask for more take home enrichment.

  3. Virginia says:

    I have been searching online for so long for some Spanish worksheets for my kids to do. I home-school and it has been hard to find resources that don’t cost an arm and a leg to learn another language. Thank you for making this web page!!!!!!!

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