Conjuguemos: Online Spanish hangman game

Conjuguemos: Online Foreign Language activities


I first learned about this site when my son had to use it for Spanish homework at the local high school.  Since then, Conjuguemos has evolved into quite a helpful resource!  Not only can teachers make their own verb and vocabulary lists, set up activities for their students, and keep track of their students’ online activity & scores on the site – but casual visitors can now use the pre-made sets for a variety of fun learning activities — in 6 different languages!

Currently Conjuguemos hosts these languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Latin
  • Portuguese

The last two are limited to verbs & vocab, the middle two also have additional vocab, and the first two also add grammar.  All languages have conjugation exercises, and vocab either by theme or specific textbook or both.


Vocabulary activities include:

  • printable list
  • printable cards
  • printable crossword puzzles (customizable!)
  • online spell-it-out activity
  • online hangman activity
  • online matching (memory) activity
  • online flashcards

Again, teachers can create their own sets and use these activities – along with verb conjugation and grammar activities (for Spanish and French) to keep track of their students’ progress.  As I mentioned, my own local high school teachers use this website for homework!


If you have used Conjuguemos or a similar site, please feel free to let us know your own experiences and advice!  Leave your feedback below – thanks!


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