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Fran and Rusty
You may have noticed the changes going on around this website, and may be wondering what is happening.
In a nutshell, I have been giving away for FREE about 95% of the tens of thousands of pages of printable materials I’ve made over the past twenty years or so, and that has resulted in my current state of poverty and homelessness. While I still desire to make these resources available to everyone, I really do need to “wise up” and charge a little something for them.

Even while homeless, I still have managed to give at least $5 here and there to support other artists and people in need, so I figured that would be a good amount to charge for access to my own materials. Any less would be swallowed up by PayPal’s cut, lol.

Click the pic below or CLICK HERE to gain access!

$5 for 24 hours allows YOU to easily purchase a membership without risk. If you are disappointed with any detail, you have really lost nothing — mere pocket change even for us poor folk.
$5 for 24 hours allows ME an income based on repeat sales, at a price I can feel good about, still able to serve the worldwide community of educators who use my printables.

Thank you for your patience and support. šŸ˜€

If you pray, I invite you to join me on my daily prayer blog, PrayingWithTheWord.net.

All my contact information and links to about half of my websites can be found on my Gravatar Page.





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  • Hey Fran,
    I want to thank you for making all your creations available for free to other teachers (and homeschoolers). I really appreciate it and look forward to trying these with my son. šŸ™‚

  • I just signed up for monthly reoccurring plan and am trying to download the pre-writing printables. When a click on the link to take me to the printables, it takes me to the membership joining page. I am logged in but can’t seem to get access to any members only stuff.

    • I am sorry for the trouble! šŸ™
      I have added a login link near the top of the sidebar.
      If you have cookies disabled, you may have to sign in more than is necessary. To avoid this, simply google “enable cookies” and follow the instructions for your specific browser.

      Please let me know if you have any further trouble. You can reach me quicker at laff4ts [at] hotmail [dot com].
      Enjoy your membership! šŸ˜€

  • Just wondering where you got the ZB cursive font? I’ve been looking online for one.

  • Love your site, just found it today looking for lessons on the atmosphere. however, there is an ad playing a video clip under the ‘sponsor ad’ heading that I bet you’re not aware of. it’s for something called League of Angles and it says play for free so I’m guessing it’s an online game. Well the images should be R rated – really bad. Just thought you’d want to know. Thanks again for the great site.

    • I am sorry about that — the ads are controlled by Google AdSense. I will seek a solution. šŸ˜³

      • I sincerely apologize to anyone who saw inappropriate ads on this site. I am embarrassed to say the least! šŸ˜³
        The problem has been resolved. I did not realize I had to actively BLOCK ads like that — I naively thought Google AdSense did not allow such ads in their network!
        Thank you all for bringing this to my attention, and educating me to the truth of modern-day advertisements! šŸ™‚

  • The new HER website is a little confusing. I am a mmember trying to access the member printables and there is no Login box. What’s going on?

    • I am sorry. Perhaps the simplicity has made it seem more complex. I know how technology can do that…

      All you have to do is click one of the Premium (members-only) posts, and if you are logged in it will open immediately, and if it doesn’t it will say “Please login to view this content”. The word “login” is in blue — it is a link to the login page.

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