Cool Cats: two sounds of oo

Practice the two sounds of oo in this fun lotto-style game that has 2 levels of difficulty.

Each player or team needs a copy of the playing board showing 4 cool cat spaces and 4 rookie cat spaces, highlighting the difference between the sounds. Two types of cards are provided — a word with a picture hint, or just the word with no hint. Use all or only one set of cards, trying to be the first to collect 4 “oo in cool” words and 4 “oo in rookie” cards and covering all 8 spaces on your board.

Of course, the cards can also be used alone as reading flashcards, and speed rounds can be played to see who can read the most cards correctly in the allotted time to be the Coolest Cat of all! Or try to beat your own time and be Cooler than Yesterday.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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