Crow Town two sounds of ow printable phonics game

Crow Town: two sounds of “ow”


I saw these graphics and just HAD to make a game out of them!  Who ever heard of a bird with big EARS?  Hmmmmm…  how about crows that listen for their name – OR for the “ow” sound of their name?!

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The inhabitants of Crow Town have big ears to enable them to hear the two different sounds that the letters “ow” make.  Help the crows sort the words they hear into:  1)  words that have the ow in “crow” and  2) words that have the ow in “town.”  A fun way to learn valuable phonics skills!

This set can be used as an independent reading center activity, sorting the 40 “ow” words onto the two incuded playing mats – or play as a small group or pair of teams.

The colorful and fun graphics would make this an interesting wall or bulletin board display as well!

This H.E.R. product is not yet available in pre-printed format.

However, you may view more pictures and/or purchase the printable PDF for under two dollars at Teachers Pay Teachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.


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