Cuantos Animales Spanish animals and numbers printable activity set

¿CUÁNTOS ANIMALES? Spanish animals & numbers activity set


This packet contains two separate activities:

  1.  Match the animal group card to the labeled space (i.e. the card showing four rabbits to the space marked “cuatro conejos”)
  2. Match the Spanish number and animal phrase to the animal group space (i.e. “siete ranas” to the space with seven frogs)

The two sets do not overlap in content, so all cards and spaces may easily be cut out, shuffled, and matched – easily combining the two sets.

Full-page sheets may easily be printed and handed out as worksheets:

  1. Draw in the animal groups to illustrate the Spanish number and animal phrases
  2. Write in the Spanish number and animal phrase to describe the animal group

This set can also be used for bulletin board or wall displays, or as flashcard sets or for use as a memory-style matching game.


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