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The free printable game, Dedos del Pie, helps Spanish students learn some fun Spanish noun phrases such as:

  • los dedos del pie (toes)
  • las uñas del pie (toenails)
  • la ropa interior (underwear)
  • la cola de caballo (ponytail)
  • la silla de ruedas (wheelchair)
  • la charola de horno (cookie sheet)
  • el enjuague bucal (mouthwash)
  • el suero de la leche (buttermilk)
  • el sitio web (website)
  • la placa de identificación (ID card)
  • el cinturón de seguridad (seatbelt)
  • el poste de la portería (goalpost)
  • el juez de linea (referee)

Eighty-eight Spanish noun phrases in all are found on simple strips in this game, with the English translation hidden at the far end of the strip, which can be covered or folded over to hide it from view.  Also included is a 2-piece playing board and an alphabetical list of English nouns used.

This game can be used as a self-checking exercise or for a group activity.  For the latter, simply leave the strips out where students can review them (or hand them out to be passed around and studied for a short time), then when time permits, lay out the 2-page playing board with 10 toes.  Have one student at a time hold up one strip and read the Spanish noun phrase.  Give that student a chance to translate, then open it up for the entire class to guess.  Once the translation is given (either guessed or uncovered and read aloud), cover the next one toe on the board.

As the end-of-the-period daily game, you can try to beat your class score each day, until you consistently have “10 toes” days — quickly covering all 10 toes before the bell rings!

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