BBC's Division Mine free math game online

BBC’s Division Mine math game


If your student(s) are learning division facts, you surely know how practice, practice, practice, is key!  Often kids don’t even quite have all the multiplication table memorized when along comes division.  You can never get enough variety of practice, and online games can become your best friend in times like these.

BBC has a fun division game called Division Mine that is free to play and easy to customize with 3 levels of difficulty.

A division problem shows at the top of the screen, with a few possible answers below.

If you choose the correct answer, boulders from the “mine” will fall into that number of carts, and a popup screen will congratulate you on your division skills.


For variety and more valuable practice, here are a few links to some other free online division games:

If you have used one of these games with your own student(s) — or would like to recommend your own favorite free online division game — please let us know your thoughts, below! 

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