Colors in Spanish by Dr. Lemon


Dr. Lemon (a college Spanish professor) has created a nice variety of online Spanish resources for all ages.  Her Colors in Spanish webpage goes well beyond the typical 10 or 12 colors traditionally taught…

Dr. Lemon’s Colors in Spanish page includes:

  • information text about color adjective number/gender agreement
  • exceptions to the rules
  • Spanish translations for 29 different colors (turquoise, olive green, copper…)
  • Spanish translations for 6 color-related “patterns, shades, and hues”  (striped, polka-dot…)

The page also has links to a few online colors in Spanish games (to the left, under “The Practice Zone”).

If you have used Dr. Lemon’s Colors in Spanish page — or would like to share a similar resource — please leave feedback below – thanks! Back to School Sale




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