is a media-rich, colorful and engaging site with articles in six categories: Earth, Air, Energy, Water, Humans, and Species.  There are also some creative subcategories like “Planting for the Planet” and ecoFilmmaking and ecoArts which includes ecoLit, a place to find book reviews along with some interesting ecoPoetry.

While all of the above sections of would suit middle school, high school, and adult audiences, there is an Ecology Kids section that features kid-friendly animations, videos, and brief articles.  These again are predominantly suited to older students, but some may be helpful for mid- to upper-elementary students.

If you have used this or a similar website for your home or school studies in ecology, earth science, environmental science or other classes, please leave some feedback below – thanks!


Wild Creation on Sale - Summer 2015




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I've been making little worksheets and games since I was about 5 years old and have published thousands of pages of printables since 2004. I'm still creating away... visit my Gravatar page to see my other online projects and to find my contact information.
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