Fran’s Freebies: Ancient Egypt Deities Cursive


This printable packet is made of just seven simple pages of cursive handwriting practice.

The Fran’s Freebies Egypt Cursive packet includes pages on the following ancient Egyptian deities:

  • Thoth — writing and sciene
  • Horus — patron god of ancient Egypt
  • Hathor — fertility, motherhood, love, music
  • Anubis — weighs the hearts of the dead
  • Ra/ Re — Egyptian sun god
  • Osiris — afterlife and rebirth
  • Sekhmet — warriors and battle

Each of these seven pages features a graphic image of the deity, a brief paragraph about them, and approximately a dozen simple lines upon which to transcribe the cursive paragraph.


If you have used the Fran’s Freebies Ancient Egypt Deities cursive handwriting packet — or would like to request it in a different font — please leave a little feedback below – thanks!



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