Fran’s Freebies: Endangered Plants Cursive


This is a simple black and white set of 10 free intermediate level cursive worksheets.  Each page features a warm-up with four upper or lower case letters, a sketch of the plant, its scientific name, a sentence or two about the endangered species, and in which states the species is listed as endangered.

Included in this little cursive and science worksheet pack:

  • Lupinus perennis (wild lupine)
  • Dicentra eximia (wild bleeding heart)
  • Claytonia virginica (spring beauty)
  • Lilium superbum (turk’s cap lily)
  • Caltha palustris (marsh marigold)
  • Lygodium palmatum (climbing fern)
  • Trillium undulatum (painted trillium)
  • Asplenium ruta-muraria (wall rue)
  • Castanea dentata (Amercian chestnut)
  • Utricularia inflata (floating bladderwort)


If you have downloaded and used this free printable cursive packet — or would like to request it in a different font — please leave a little feedback below – thanks!





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I've been making little worksheets and games since I was about 5 years old and have published thousands of pages of printables since 2004. I'm still creating away... visit my Gravatar page to see my other online projects and to find my contact information.
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