Farmer’s Market: money math fun


What a FUN way to practice money math skills!

Do chores on the farm or at the market to earn cents, such as:
— Hoe the garden — 70 cents
— Shuck the corn — 30 cents
— Fertilize the crops — 55 cents
— Stack the melons — 30 cents
— Entertain customers — 25 cents

Then use your collected coins to purchase all the items on your Grocery List — the first to purchase their entire list wins the game!

This printable game packet includes:
— 16 chore cards
— 4 grocery lists
— realistic paper coins (or use real ones)

Everything you need to play is included — except for perhaps a scarecrow or straw hat!

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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You can easily purchase and download this game at TeachersPayTeachers or PayLoadz.


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