Fran’s Freebies: Figurine Sale money skills game


This Fran’s Freebies printable activity set called Figurine Sale includes:

  •  30 figurine cards — a photo-realistic graphic of a plastic animal toy with a tag showing how much it “costs”
  • 30 money cards — photo-realistic coins graphics showing a particular amont of USA money with which to “purchase” the figurines

Besides being used as a bulletin board or wall display, these cards can be used for various different activities, including:

  • make a deck of 60 cards, take the top card on your turn and try to make the most matching pairs (figurine for sale with amount of money needed to “buy” it)
  • lay out all or selected figurine cards and take turns “buying” them using either play money or the money cards included
  • give players play money BILLS and “purchase” figurines with those, counting out the change received after “breaking” the bill
  • use the money cards as flashcards — hold one up at a time and choose a participant to count and tell how many cents


If you have downloaded and used the Fran’s Freebies Figurine Sale money skills game, please leave a little feedback below – thanks!


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