Frans Freebies: Spanish Alphabet Worm


Available for free on this site only:  Spanish Alphabet Worm printable activity set!

Use the 2-page alphabet poster to introduce 30 Spanish letters (ch, ll, ñ, and rr are included although technically they are not all separate letters) – then put the 31-piece worm “puzzle” together, saying each letter out loud as the caterpillar “worm” gets longer and longer!  The puzzle pieces are designed to overlap to make a long chain – the “alphabet worm”.   Click the center of the picture to get a better view of the first 5 pieces.

On the poster as well as on the cards (puzzle pieces) the Spanish name and pronunciation are given for each letter.   Cards also feature a picture of a Spanish word that begins with that letter.


If you have downloaded and used this set, please let us know what you think in the feedback box below – thanks!


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