Fran’s Freebies: Spanish animals worksheets

This large printable packet is 30 pages of fun with Los Animales!


Included in this free worksheet packet are all of these:

  • introductory poster on farm animals
  • simple labeling worksheet and answer key on farm animals
  • introductory poster on pets
  • crossword puzzle & key on pets
  • search-a-word and matching worksheet & key on pets
  • 3 different full-page lists of animals in Spanish
  • worksheet for listing 6 farm animals and 6 zoo animals
  • fun worksheet with 14 animal riddles
  • introductory and matching worksheets & keys on Spanish animal cognates
  • simple search-a-word puzzle and key with 10 common animals in Spanish
  • simple labeling worksheet & key with 9 animals in Spanish
  • 4 additional animal matching worksheets & answer keys

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

free printable worksheet introductory poster animals in spanish pets mascotas free printable worksheet puzzle spanish animals fun stuff for kids free printable spanish worksheets animals pets puzzles matching fun free printable puzzle worksheet animals in spanish animales fun stuff

Click Here to open this free printable Animals in Spanish worksheet packet!


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