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Freebies from Kids Discover

You know Kids Discover — they are the creator of all those fascinating little complete study unit mini-magazines that you’ve seen, with all the bright colors and interesting infographics. Much like ZooBooks, they often have puzzles and other fun stuff built right in.

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Well, Kids Discover also offers free lesson plans to go with their titles, as well as a selection of free printable infographics on a wide range of topics. They even have a few free study packets, each about 8 pages long.

If you visit the free section of Kids Discover, you will find two main sections: Infographics and Lesson Plans. As mentioned, the lesson plans coordinate with their published titles, so they may be relevant only to those who have access to these. The infographics, however, are totally free and ready to use. However, you must register for a free account in order to download the materials. Take a look at the two main sections, as well as the free registration form, below:

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The Infographics section currently features about 40 different printables ranging from the anatomy of a cell to how the Titanic sank. They are much like pared-down versions of the bigger, multi-page Kids Discover titles – bright and clear, easy to understand, fun to use.

A few sample infographics (click to view larger):   Click Here to see the complete selection and sign up for a free Kids Discover account.

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