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The UK site Galactic Phonics is a treasure trove for anyone teaching reading using the phonics method! The site features sections on letter sounds, CVC words, consonants, vowels and special sounds, and key words (high frequency words). Other sections of their site are still under construction.

The most developed and useful sections of Galactic Phonics at the time of this website review is the long vowels and other vowels sections. Most examples below come from the Long Vowels Section:

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When you open up the Long Vowels page, you see a variety of long vowel combinations, such as ai and ay under “long a”. When you click on one of those vowel combinations, you are presented with a variety of activity choices including printable worksheets in PDF format and various online interactive games.


word attack free online phonics game from galactic phonics whats missing free online interactive phonics reading game for kids from galactic phonics os and xs tic tac toe online phonics reading long vowels words game for kids from galactic phonics

The site not only features a variety of free online interactive games, but each is accessible directly from the particular vowel combination page. For example, when you click on “-igh resources” you are shown choices of games specifically targeting that special sound.

Below are some samples of the free printable phonics worksheets available from Galactic Phonics. Click a pic to view larger, and click one of the links above to go to the site to get your free printables!

free printable long a vowels phonics reading worksheet from galactic phonics and primary topics free printable long vowel phonics worksheet from galactic phonics free long o vowels words printable worksheet from galactic phonics free worksheets phonics reading ccvc words fun for kids from galactic phonics


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