GameGoo: online English phonics, reading, and grammar games


The GameGoo website by Earobics (“Helping Readers Reach”) and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt features 13 different free online interactive games for kids in 3 levels of difficulty.   They practice various English readiness, phonics, reading, spelling, and grammar skills.

Skills practiced in “Beginner” level (blue):

  • following directions
  • real & make-believe
  • alphabet order
  • upper/lower case alphabet match
  • beginning letter sounds


Skills practiced in “Intermediate” level (purple):

  • use letters to spell words
  • use word parts (phonics, like “oy”) to spell words
  • put words in order to make sentences


Skills practiced in “Advanced” level (pink):

  • spell short vowel words with the keyboard
  • spell long vowel words with the keyboard
  • find words that are synonyms
  • find words that are antonyms – opposites


As you can see from the pictures, the graphics on this site are simple – and the animation is rather choppy – but they are colorful and fun!  The “Fun Goo” section features 6 little “just for fun” (non-educational) games like making faces and pictures (Frankengoo) and composing music (Compose a Goo).  There is also an area for teachers to view books and software products by Earobics.


If you have used these online GameGoo games or a similar resource you’d like to share, please leave some feedback below – thanks!


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