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Give Me Three Words

give me three words homeschool home school mixed age group fun activity thinking language arts skills
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This makes a great activity for warming up the minds of homeschool kids or other mixed-age groups. I used it as a morning activity to not only get those brain cells firing, but also to establish a feeling of mutual investment in each other’s education — older children encouraged younger, and younger got to experience a little “awe” at what the older ones knew. The eleven-year-old pats the 4-year-old on the head when they come up with not just 3 but 10 (yay!) words that start with F… While the 6-year-old is amazed that the 13-year-old can so easily name 3 demonstrative pronouns.

Basically, the page is divided into a grammar-related left side for older kids, and a sounds-related right side for younger kids. However, you can add a little challenge by combining two items, perhaps one from each side, for even older kids. Can they name 3 “adverbs that tell where” that ALSO start with the letter T?

As you can see, there is a little checkbox before each item, to make it easy to keep track of 3-word challenges as they are used.

Click Here to open this printable warm-up activity.

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