Guide Word Goalies printable activity set or mini game with soccer ball cards for kids to practice alphabetizing abc order and dictionary skills

Guide Word Goalies game

Practice placing words between guide word goal posts in this unique soccer-themed game. Words are on soccer balls, placed on a field (playing board) and you get to choose the goal posts for each side. Which balls will end up making it into the goal, and which will be left on the field?

This full-color mini game includes a 2-piece playing board, 30 goal posts in 2 levels of difficulty, and 100 word (soccer) balls.  Cards can all be used independently of the game to practice alphabetizing skills — put goal posts or soccer balls in alphabetical order.

This H.E.R. product is not yet available in pre-printed format.

However, you may view more pictures and/or purchase the printable PDF at Teachers Pay Teachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.


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