Habits of the Heart: http://www.smm.org/heart/

Habits of the Heart


If you are teaching life science or biology, Habits of the Heart by the Science Museum of Minnesota is a valuable resource for your studies of the cardiopulmonary system.  The heart is studied in detail, with a labeled diagram and a couple different animations that show the location of the heart in the chest (with a virtual stethoscope), as well as blood flow through the heart.   The lungs get similar coverage, with a labeled diagram and a simple animation that also shows the movement of the diaphragm in relation to the lungs.

Unfortunately, these illustrations are not as large, clear, and customizable as they could be.  Also beware of sending anyone with a weak stomach into the “videos” section, as they show in rather graphic detail the steps of coronary bipass surgery and heart replacement.  Of course, those with stronger stomachs may think this is gorey but cool!

The best part of this site is the LESSONS.  These are clear and well planned, with links to online extensions.  There are 6 lessons on the heart, 3 on the lungs, plus 2 additional lessons.

Most lessons feature key questions, a materials list, detailed procedures (with pictures), extension ideas, and notes to the teacher.


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