Hoppers printable activity game set for kids learning to double the consonant before adding a suffix like -ed, -er, and -ing

Hoppers suffixes game


This unique colorful activity set is all you need to help your students master the basic skill of doubling consonants before adding suffixes that begin with a vowel.

After spending some time with this fun activity, it will be hard for them to forget this important spelling rule!

Simply point out that grasshoppers need their knees to jump. So, don’t make any of your bugs non-hoppers by forgetting their knees – the center piece of them that also contains the double consonant they need to make their word complete!

Includes 72 cards that combine to create well over 100 words. There are 3 suffixes in this set: -er, -ed, and -ing; 6 double consonants: p, t, b, m, n, and g; and 42 words that end with a short vowel followed by one of those 6 consonants.

There is also a BONUS practice sheet to use as a handout to record words made, as well as a page with tips for printing and use.


This H.E.R. product is not yet available in pre-printed format.

However, you may view more pictures and purchase the printable PDF for less than $2 at Teachers Pay Teachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.


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