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The website is divided into 3 main sections:
Grades K-5 (shown above)
Grades 6-8
Parents & Teachers


The Kids Section (K-5) contains links to age-appropriate social studies resources such as world country flags and information, maps, and current events. There is also an interactive USA map where kids can click a state and view facts from some recent census reports. The facts given are of interest to kids ages 8-12: How many boys vs. girls live in the state (by age, 8 to 12), How many candy and nut stores are in the state, as well as basic information like date of statehood and state flower/tree/nickname. The site also provides a free printable PDF packet on getting a passport — including puzzles and other fun for young kids.

pick a state map on website 50 states facts for kids census ages 8-12 free printable passport worksheets packet from website
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The Teen Section (6-8th grades) has links to more detailed state information including history, and links to resources in other subject areas such as math, art, science, and jobs.


For Parents & Teachers there are activities & worksheets, lesson plans, and a variety of other links covering most subject areas.


This site also features some short videos, available in each of the 3 main sections. You can also go directly to the YouTube Channel.

social studies for kids youtube channel


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