face vocabulary in Spanish - words, pictures, and auditory sound files

Language Guide: The world in audio is “A collaborative project to develop interactive, sound-integrated language learning resources.”  The site allows visitors to hover over a picture and hear its name pronounced in the target language.

Currently Language Guide offers visual and auditory vocabulary (and sometimes grammar) lessons in 14 languages and dialects:

On the Language Guide home page, choose your target language.  On all but French you will see a menu screen for vocabulary, and each link will bring you to a separate web page that features graphics you can hover over and see and hear the vocabulary word for that picture in the language you have chosen.  On Spanish and English, you can also click the tab for grammar exercises and visit pages of conjugated verbs (and other useful lessons for Mexican Spanish).  Clicking on French brings you to a page that lists recent updates and has links to the 3 sections of French: vocabulary, grammar, and readings.  Obviously, the French language has so far gotten the most attention.  However, you can help this project by volunteering to add your own native language or add more vocabulary (or readings!) to one of the 14 languages and dialects above.

Once a language learner has practiced a set of vocabulary on a given page, some categories feature an online interactive quiz version – just choose “Listening Quiz” or “Speaking Quiz” under the “options” arrow near the top left of any vocabulary screen that has one.  You may also choose the difficulty – beginner, intermediate, or advanced.


If you have used or a similar interactive resource, please leave some feedback below – thanks!


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