Letter Watches printable alphabet letter bracelets for kids

Letter Watches alphabet activity set

This simple black-and-white printable packet can be used for a fun variety of preschool activities:

  • Make bracelets ahead of time using card stock and laminating sheets.  Give each child a different letter each day, reusing Letter Watches.
  • Print bracelets on plain paper and have each student color and assemble a new letter each day — either a “letter of the day” or a different letter for each child.
  • Hang one “letter of the day” bracelet on a wall and have each child place one or more items beginning with that letter on a table beneath it — either an item brought from home, or one found in the classroom.
  • Cut each letter strip into a 3-piece puzzle, using a variety of zig-zag and curvy cuts.
  • Cut out the center section of each letter strip to make cards for matching games or to use as flashcards.

This activity set is not available for free and is not yet available in pre-printed format.


However, you can purchase this activity for less than two dollars at TeachersPayTeachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.


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