Match Around 10’s online game

Practice rounding numbers to the nearest ten with this free online memory-style matching game, Match Around 10’s by Math Nook.

A deck of cards is shuffled and spread out to create 4 rows of 4 cards.  Click any two cards, over and over until you see an even 10 and a number that can be rounded to that 10.  Once a match is made, the cards are removed from the playing area, and the game is won when only 2 cards remain. 

You can try to beat your own high score with this rounding practice game, or email a friend to challenge them to beat your score.  A great way to practice a valuable math skill in a competitive spirit.


There is also another Math Nook game to practice rounding to the nearest ten — Which One Rounds?

For this game, you can have the volume turned up in order to hear the computer ask, “Which One Rounds to __?”  in order to choose the correct one of four numbers.  There is also a line of text appearing in the bottom left corner posing the same question — in case the sound is a problem.


Check out Math Nook’s other games here. 


If you enjoy Match Around 10’s or Which One Rounds? by, please leave a little feedback for others, below — thanks!


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