Math Dice by ThinkFun

Math Dice by ThinkFun: Get the community involved!

Math Dice is more than just a game for 3rd through 7th grade math learners – it is a competitive or cooperative opportunity for groups of one through hundreds!

Visit the Math Dice website for information on attending or hosting a tournament and seasonal celebration; your local Barnes and Noble bookstore may already host this event!

If you already own or intend to purchase Math Dice by ThinkFun, don’t miss the online printables available for free on the Math Dice website!  There are teacher’s guides, instruction sheets, 2 different group games, and 4 different sports-based games (each in 3 levels of difficulty):  Soccer Shootout, Ski Patrol, Tenpin Bowling, and Mini Golf.

The Math Dice website also features online games and full instructions for playing both online and offline games with Math Dice.  There is even an online arcade featuring games in 4 levels of difficulty!

One reviewer on’s reviews of Math Dice gives ideas for using Math Dice to learn simple statistics.  Other reviewers report that even kids who don’t like math will play Math Dice – most with significant improvement in their math skills!


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