Me Gusta Más printable Spanish game

This unique lotto-style game is a fun way to practice the special Spanish verb, GUSTAR.

Included in this game packet are:

  • 4 different playing boards, each with 12 spaces with Spanish phrases and sentences
  • 25 different English translation cards
  • 27 different picture cards showing a variety of activities

Give each player or team a board, lay the cards out in a loose pile between players, and have players each draw one card at a time and try to fit it onto their board.  The first to cover all 12 spaces wins.

Examples of cards and spaces they may cover:

  • Me gusta nada… (covered with picture of washing dishes)
  • A mi madre, le gusta… (covered with picture of woman baking)
  • Me gusta ir al cine. (covered with card that says “I like to go to the movies.”)


This game is not available for free and is not yet available in pre-printed format.

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