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MedicalSpanish.com has a list of about 50 words in Spanish to describe various feelings or emotions.  This is a simple list arranged in alphabetical order by English terms.  Each term shows the Spanish word with the English word below it, and each Spanish term can be heard as an audio file by clicking either the word or the little speaker icon to its left.

This list includes such interesting Spanish feeling vocabulary as:

  • traicionado/a  (betrayed)
  • delirante  (delusional)
  • descorazonado/a  (disheartened)
  • agotado/a  (drained)
  • inseguro/a  (insecure)
  • dichoso/a  (lucky)
  • aliviado/a  (relieved)
  • soñoliento/a  (sleepy)
  • con tendencias suicidas  (suicidal)
  • atrapado/a  (trapped)
  • and about 40 more “common” ones

While some of these terms may be a bit inappropriate for young learners, they may add a bit of spice to your high school or college Spanish class!

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