printable phonics reading game sounds of ou and ow mouse in the house

Mouse in the House phonics game

Practice reading -ou- and -ow- words with this unique mini game!

Includes 10 playing boards, 45 reading cards, and 48 markers.

Give each player a vertical playing board (one house) and a pile of markers (mice). On each turn, players draw a reading card and read out loud the 4 words on the card, paying special attention to the 2 words with the /ou/ sound. After reading, the player hunts for those 2 words on their playing board, and if a match is found the space is covered.

The winner is the first to cover all 8 spaces on their playing board — or the player with the most spaces covered after time is up.

The cards and playing boards can also be used independently of each other as reading flashcards.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

printable phonics game ou ow sounds mouse house cards reading printable phonics reading cards activity set game for kids ou ow printable mouse cards for phonics reading game mouse in the house printable phonics reading game sounds of ou and ow mouse in the house


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