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Natural Coloring Books

I love animals and still fondly remember a unit on endangered species we did when I was in fourth grade. These Natural Coloring Books remind me of those fun coloring pages I did back then, with clean lines and fun poses — and SUCH a wondrous variety of animals!

I am an affiliate of this company and receive a commission if you purchase any books in this set — therefore this post is a bit different than almost all others on this site. However, I so strongly believe in this product that I am willing to promote it to you openly.

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Natural Coloring Books are each about 30 pages long. They are eBooks, therefore the only paper used in their production is the ones YOU use to print them on — and only the specific pages YOU decide to print! 😀

Besides animal coloring books, this company also has a few other sets such as clowns and explorers.
Here are the animal coloring book sets:

  • Birds (2 eBooks – 60 pages)
  • Mammals (4 eBooks – 126 pages!)
  • Crawly Creepers – lizards & bugs (2 eBooks – 44 pages)
  • Primates (2 eBooks – 48 pages)
  • In the Trees (3 eBooks – 90 pages)
  • Sea Animals (2 eBooks – 45 pages)
  • Dinosaurs (2 eBooks – 58 pages)

There are a few free printable sample pages for each of the 17 books above. Visit the site for yours!
There is also a discount when you buy a whole set — and a whopping discount when you buy all 17 eBooks!

These printable eBooks are a GREAT deal for every classroom and homeschool family — for as low as one dollar per book!

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