first second grade math worksheets printable odd and even fun stuff for kids

Odd and Even Worksheets

This set of 14 worksheets is packed with fun!

If your child or students need a little extra practice to master odd and even, this worksheet packet is sure to do the trick. Each page is unique, with a fun theme and a wide variety of activities.

Pages in this printable packet:
Even the Ants!   [write the missing even numbers]
Odd Time for a Picnic   [write #s in order, cross out even #s]
Penguin Perfect!   [cross out odd or even penguins]
Whoooooo’s Missing?   [write missing # on owl, circle if it is odd or even]
Hedgehog Corners   [cross out what doesn’t belong — odd or even]
Even the Hens Have Eggs   [write missing even #s on eggs, plus 4 more]
Even Fish in the Bowl   [write even #s on fish]
Hot Dog Odds   [cross out even # on each hot dog bun]
Potted Plants   [sort 2-digit #s by odd & even]
Odd Ollie or Even Steven?   [cross out pairs that are not BOTH odd & even]
Popping the Odds   [“pop” the bubbles with odd #s]
Twin Pigs   [sort 3-digit #s by odd & even]
Odd Mr. Todd   [find 2 odd #s in each group]
Down the Street   [sort 5-digit #s by odd & even]

NO answer keys are provided for these simple worksheets.

Graphics are a mix of color and black-and-white, but may be printed in all black and white, if desired.

Sample pages from this packet — click to view larger:

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